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Welcome > Appetiser dishes

Appetiser dishes

Browse through our extensive and diverse range of miniature tableware and disposable verrines. Surprise your guests with verrines of all shapes and colours: square, circular or petal-shaped, transparent or opaque, our appetiser dishes are both sturdy and elegant.
Enliven your spreads and buffets by combining our ranges of verrines, chinese spoons, mini-dishes, mini- casseroles, etc., and by playing with the size and capacity of various items.
Discover our range of trays, display racks, and transport boxes designed to show off your preparations to their best advantage and ease transport.

Disposable verrines

Disposable verrines

Our selection of sturdy, elegant, and transparent verrines will allow you to appreciate the colours...
Reusable verrines

Reusable verrines

Discover our range of glass and ceramic reusable verrines and mini-pots.For a highly chic buffet or...
Disposable miniature dinnerware

Disposable miniature dinnerware

Our disposable miniature dishes and dinnerware can be adapted to all your preparations and displays...
Plastic trays and display platters

Plastic trays and display platters

Our plastic or paperboard trays and transport boxes will fully cater to your needs. With adapted...
Vision Verte appetiser dishes

Vision Verte appetiser dishes

Our collection of eco-friendly appetiser dishes made from natural wood are microwavable and water-...