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Disposable plates

Our disposable plates are ideal for the display of hot meals and cold buffets in a corporate setting, for banquets or for short and hygienic use in a hospital setting.
Our selection ranges from white plastic plates to modern and elegant designer plates and includes an eco-friendly line and compartmentalised raviers, thus enabling you to brighten your tables through the combination of a great variety of shapes, formats and colours.
Materials: paper, plastic, PS, PP, pulp, PE, wood and bamboo.

Plastic and paper plates

Plastic and paper plates

Disposable plastic or paper plates suitable for fast-food and take-away sales.Our range includes:...
Disposable deluxe plates

Disposable deluxe plates

High end disposable plates and ravier dishes for a fashionable and chic effect.The modern and sleek...
Plates for communities

Plates for communities

These plates are designed for the meals and service of communities, central kitchens or...
Biodegradable plates

Biodegradable plates

These organic disposable plates (made of wood or pulp) belong to a selection of eco-friendly and...