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Welcome > Food quality tubs and containers

Food quality tubs and containers

Firplast offers a wide range of disposable food quality container to package your hot or cold preparations. Gastro Norm containers for hot and cold use. Sealable containers or containers with lids.
Containers made of moulded or thermoformed polypropylene. Aluminium containers with or without matching lid.
For use in main kitchens, community kitchens, fast or traditional food service. 
Pour une utilisation en cuisine centrale, collectivité, restauration traditionnelle ou rapide.

Aluminium containers

Aluminium containers

Firplast presents a wide range of aluminium containers for all food professionals. A wide choice of...
Containers for cold preparations

Containers for cold preparations

These sealable and stackable containers for cold preparations are made of thermoformed...
Hot dish containers

Hot dish containers

These containers for hot dishes made of moulded polypropylene are sealable, stackable and resistant...
Biodegradable containers

Biodegradable containers

Wooden or pulp containers that are both original and eco-friendly. Circular or recutangular,...