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Frequently Asked Questions for online orders

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How to look up a particular product

1 - Internal search engine

moteur de recherche interne
Use our internal search engine centred at the top of the page. Type in the name of the product (disposable plastic plate for example) or its reference if you have it.

2 - Search by category

recherche par catégories de produit

Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to better navigate the different categories of products (plates, cups, cutlery, salad bowls, containers, bagging products, etc.)

3 - Search by trade

images/metiers.gifFinally, you can filter your search by trade.
By clicking on the fast food service icon for example, you will find all products suited to that domain.
Once you have found your item, select the desired quantity and click on add to basket.
When you have completed your selection, go to your basket to finalise your order.
Access the basket page by clicking on the "My Basket" icon in the top right hand corner on all the website's pages. You will then be able to delete items from your basket, to modify the chosen quantities, or to go on with your purchases. 
Confirm your order when you feel that it is complete.


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How to order online?

There are 3 different cases:

1 - You have never placed an order before but you are already a registered FIRPLAST client (Saint Priest agency only).

In this case, when you click on the "Order" icon and arrive on the "User account" page, you must click on the "Click here" button in the Registered FIRPLAST client, 1st login" section.

déjà client FIRPLAST

You will arrive on the "Registered client" page.
Normally, you will have previously received your user identification by email or post. Input them and you will automatically be logged in to our website with access to your specific price and delivery terms, and your customised items*.
If you don't have your login ID, contact us by phone (+33 4 72 23 66 66) or email:

*Ordering customised items:

produits perso

If you are already a registered FIRPLAST client and you have in-stock customised items with us, you only need to click on the "Customised items" icon in the top left hand corner of your screen to access them once you are logged in to your account.
You will then be able to view all of your customised products. Only you can access this page and no other client can order your items. 

2 - You have never placed an order with FIRPLAST before

Nouveau client FIRPLAST

You will be asked to create a user account by filling in an online form going over all the information necessary to processing your order (place of delivery, payment methods, name, etc.).
This step is only necessary for your first order. For all subsequent orders, the username and password you have chosen will allow you to login: you will be identified and the confidentiality of all information pertaining to your account will be guaranteed.
It is therefore important to commit both username and password to memory when you sign up for the first time. At this time, you will be able to confirm or correct your delivery and billing address. You will of course be able to add as many delivery and billing addresses as you wish.

3 - You have already placed an order on the FIRPLAST website

Input your username and password.

Connexion à FIRPLAST
Whatever your case, after logging in, you will be presented with a summary of your order with all items, unit and total prices, and delivery costs (if necessary).
You will be given the opportunity to check your personal data (delivery address, etc.).
Finally you will simply need to confirm your order and select your method of payment. A confirmation email will be sent forthwith.


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How to put in a fast-track order?

If you have the references of the items that you wish to order, the fast-track order procedure is very simple.
Click on the Fast-track order button:

Commande rapide

You will then be redirected to the following page:

Commande rapide 2

How to put in a fast-track order in two steps:

Step 1: input the product reference and select the quantity you wish to order, then click ADD ITEM. 

Step 2: once you have finalised your selection, click on ADD TO BASKET.

You then simply have to confirm the order and follow the usual instructions for payment and delivery.

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How to create an order template?

If you regularly the same items for FIRPLAST, you may wish to create an order template. This option will allow you to save on precious time.

1) Creating an order template

To create an order template, you simply have to add all relevant items to your basket and then click on the following icon at the bottom of your basket page:


Commande type

Input the name of your list in the space provided for that purpose and click on the green arrow in order to save this basket as an order template in your account.
You may then either carry on with your order, or come back later to recover it.
It is possible to create as many order templates as you need.

2) Recovering an order template

In order to recover an order template, click on the my account button once you are logged in.

You will then find the list of your order templates either by clicking on your order history or by directly accessing them at the bottom of your account page.

commande type

By clicking on "create an order from this template", you will be redirected towards a basket list containing all of your usual items.
Of course, at that point you may still add other items, take some out, and modify quantities.


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How to access your order history?

Access your order history by clicking first on the "My account" button and then on "Browse orders". You will then be redirected towards a list of your previous and ongoing orders.
Through this page you can follow up on the progression of your order (preparation, delivered, etc.).
You can also download another PDF format invoice by clicking on the "See invoice" button.

Finally, you can start a new order on the basis of a previous one in order to avoid having to re-select all of your items.