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Welcome > Plastic trays and dishes

Plastic trays and dishes

Firplast offers a wide selection of plastic trays and dishes for home delivery. 
ltraditional dinner trays with compartment and sturdy lids, designed for transport and community food service.
Luxury dinner trays with fashionable and innovative au designs. And silver- and gold-coloured cardboard display trays to beautify all of your displays.

Display trays

Display trays

Caterer's and lunch trays for easy home delivery. Square or circular, gold- or silver-coloured...
Divided trays

Divided trays

Traditional divided dinner trays with matching sturdy lids, best suited to transport and to...
Fast Food trays

Fast Food trays

The staple sturdy plastic dinner tray, best suited to fast food or community food service....
Top of the range dinner trays

Top of the range dinner trays

Top of the range dinner trays: innovative and fashionable designs such as our prestige oval tray...
Biodegradable dishes and trays

Biodegradable dishes and trays

Eco-friendly and biodegradable dinner trays made from wood or sugar cane pulp. Elegant, natural,...