Compostable food tray gn 1/4

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Dimensions (mm):
265 x 170 x 48
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This container  Line of compostable food trays has been developed to be used from freezer to all kind of ovens and are eco-friendly. Issued from sustainable raw materials, our supply chain is totally European and totally environmental friendly.
Our GN1/2 trays are a hygienic solution for preparing, cooking, baking, deep-freezing, transporting, conserving, re-heating and consuming food. Our various shapes and sizes cover all requirements for the different professional applications.

Size : 265x170x48 mm.

The trays can be used both in microwave and in traditional oven up to 215°C for 40 minutes for cooking or re-heating food.

Trays can be sealed with cardboard lids or film through manual or automatic thermo-sealer machines.

The trays  are biodegradable, recyclable and compostable according to EN 13432:2002.

Ideal for waste reduction: after use they can be disposed of with the recyclable papers (if clean from food traces) or directly in the compostable kitchen waste. The trays can also be incinerated.
Caractéristiques produit
Référence : BIO3210480
Packaging : 600
Capacity : 147,5 cl
Color : Blanc, White
Lenght (mm) : 265
Width (mm) : 170
Height (mm) : 48
Material : Carton
Pack par carton : 27 g
Traditional Oven : Oui
Microwave : Oui
Freezer : Oui
Reheating : Oui
T° mini : -40°
T° maxi : =+175°
Caractéristiques colis
Unités par pack : 75
Colis poids brut : 17
Largeur carton : 35
Longueur carton : 55
Hauteur carton : 73
Pack par carton : 8
Colis code barre :
Caractéristiques palettes
Total cartons par palette : 12
Largeur palette : 80
Longueur palette : 120
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