Reusable white PP bowl diameter 180mm 1L

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Dimensions (mm):
18 x 18 x 6.5
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Bento design white, with a lid with a visibility window, 2.25 liters.

This white lunch box is made of PP (polypropylene) which gives it great resistance to scratches as well as a strong seal.

Certified without BPA and without endocrine disruptors, it allows food contact.

Its manufacture allows this bento to be microwaveable for 3 minutes at 400W, but also reusable because it is dishwasher safe at 90 ° C. All of its characteristics allow it to be the perfect item for a consignment.

This food box is practical, because being lighter than glass, and consisting of a hollow plate 180 mm in diameter and its lid with visibility window, it will be perfect for transporting your hot meals, but as cold as fruit, salad or afternoon tea.

Caractéristiques produit
Référence : 99P218BL
Packaging : 12
Capacity : 1l
Color : Blanc, White
Lenght (mm) : 18
Width (mm) : 18
Height (mm) : 6.5
Pack par carton : 149
Traditional Oven : Non
Microwave : Oui
Caractéristiques colis
Colis poids brut : 1
Largeur carton : 36.5
Longueur carton : 36.5
Hauteur carton : 18.5
Pack par carton : 12
Colis code barre : 80012890201869
Caractéristiques palettes
Total cartons par palette : 48
Largeur palette : 120
Longueur palette : 80
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