Delivery timeframes and costs

FIRPLAST guarantees an effective delivery within 48 to 72 hours in most cases (indicative timeframe for any order placed before midnight).
Enjoy free delivery everywhere in France for orders of 190 € before tax, and over (overseas territories and Corsica not included).
For orders under 190 € before tax, shipping costs are of 15 € before tax.

NB: We deliver on weekdays, Monday to Friday. All timeframes are estimated in business days, discounting any transport malfunctions beyond our control.

You wish to choose the date of delivery? Simply add it to the commentary section of your order and we will organise delivery on the date of your choosing anywhere in France with no extra costs.

Overseas and Corsica deliveries

Special conditions apply for deliveries to Corsica and overseas territories: please contact us.

Express delivery

In the Lyon area, express delivery is limited to 10 packages and costs 100€ before tax.
Outside of the Lyon area, please contact us: the final price of an express delivery to your area will depend on the total weight and volume of your order.

Onsite collection

You may also come and collect your wares, with no extra charge, directly at our offices from Monday to Thursday 8 to 12 o'clock and 2 to 3 o'clock, and on Friday from 8 to 12 o'clock.

4, rue de Provence
Tél. : 04 72 23 66 66
Mail :


Good practices

Excerpt from the transporters code:
All goods are moved at the recipient's own risks. Don't forget to notify the Carrier of any misgivings you may have upon delivery, in order to be compensated for any damaged or lost goods.
The drivers are beholden to unload the goods and present them at the foot of their vehicle if the total weight of the delivered goods doesn't exceed 1 tonne. For deliveries exceeding that weight, all unloading is to be carried out by the recipient. The drivers are not allowed to enter the recipient's premises.

What you need to know at delivery:
First of all, count the number of packages that are delivered and confirm reception of this number by indicating "(x number) PACKAGES RECEIVED".
The phrase "subject to inspection and verification" has no value.
Do not sign with "2 pallets received"; YOU MUST COUNT THE RECEIVED PACKAGES.
In case of small damages add the comment: "(x number) of which are wet, damaged, unfit for use or sale."
It is preferable to refuse the delivery if the damages seem considerable. Do this by adding the comment "refused due to damaged goods".
Address a certified letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the carrier within three working days in order to claim the value of the damages. To make the replacement of the damaged goods as expeditious as possible, send us a copy of your letter and of the signed delivery slip. This will allow us to be most efficient in our intervention.