4.5cl low glass mini-jar with black ring seal

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99999 x 99999
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4.5cl, low, transparent glass mini-jar with white ring seal. 3.5cm opening diameter and 6cm height.
Non-sterilisable jar best suited for verrine-style displays. This jar can contain from 6 to 8 decorative sweets.
These mini-jars are a original line of verrine dishes that can be used immoderately for your buffets and receptions. 
You can display them either open or closed.
Their crystalline transparency will show off your best recipes to perfection!
This range of verrine can also be appreciated as a decorative or spice jar.
Caractéristiques produit
Référence : 99V1154
Packaging : 96
Capacity : 4,5 cl
Color : Noir
Material : Verre
Pack par carton : 0.01
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