Sealable black pulp TMF tray 1500 ml 192X137X87 mm

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Dimensions (mm):
192 x 87 x 137
Packaging :
Material :
Fibre canne à sucre
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The thermoformed tray (TMF) in cellulose - made from sugar cane bagasse - is the eco-responsible alternative to the TMF tray in PP plastic.


Its advantages :

The black color makes this tray elegant.

This vegetable fible food tray has protection against water and sauces thanks to its PLA coating.

PLA - a plant-based bio-polymer that makes the tray waterproof - is perfectly compatible with cold binding and is 100% compostable.

Faceted edges in "diamond effect" stiffen the tray according to a bio-mimicry of the rough aspect of the stone.

These ecological trays adapt to all thermosealer dies for TMF plastic trays, and can therefore be sealed with a peelable film.

The trays are stackable between the bottom and the lid.

Their lids facilitate transport for users and presentation in the window for catering professionals as well as keeping warm and opening/closing dishes.

This biodegradable sugar cane fiber tray is suitable for both cold binding and hot binding. It can go in the freezer, in the oven and in the microwave up to 150°.


His characteristics :

Length: 192mm

Width: 137mm

Height: 87mm

Capacity: 1500ml


Compliant with the EN13432 standard, this tray is environmentally friendly from design to recycling. Made from sugar cane waste, it is biodegradable after use.

Two biodegradation processes are possible: composting or methanization. This makes it possible to recover packaging waste by reusing it to produce compost or energy in the form of biogas.

Caractéristiques produit
Référence : BIO3141500N
Packaging : 400
Capacity : 1500
Color : Noir / beig
Lenght (mm) : 192
Width (mm) : 87
Height (mm) : 137
Material : Fibre canne à sucre
Pack par carton : 22
Traditional Oven : Non
Microwave : Oui
Freezer : Oui
Reheating : Non
T° mini : -20
T° maxi : +150
Caractéristiques colis
Unités par pack : 50
Colis poids brut : 1
Largeur carton : 39.5
Longueur carton : 57
Hauteur carton : 54
Pack par carton : 8
Colis code barre : 3870001662975
Caractéristiques palettes
Cartons par couche : 3
Couches par palette : 3
Total cartons par palette : 9
Largeur palette : 120
Longueur palette : 80
Hauteur palette : 180
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